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When I was living on the streets in an addictive lifestyle a van stopped nearby and gave me socks and a warm drink with no strings attached. I felt cared for and loved even in my desperation.” Those words are from Tina, one of the people who has worked hard at recovery and is now in full time employment and about to go to university. She was in rehab seven times and says it is the love of Jesus that finally set her free – and being part of a community. She is now spearheading the Jericho Road Outreach every Wednesday night. It’s a simple service providing basic necessities to those on the fringes of society in Port Alberni in the hope that some, like Tina, will find a glimmer of hope to summon enough courage to choose change and health. The Van will help facilitate these moments of hope.

We believe that if you offer nothing, believe in nothing, and share nothing – nothing will happen. God’s love is real and relevant and looks like something: people in a van turning up with socks, a cup of coffee, a hot meal, a ride to a meeting….. with nothing asked for, or expected in return. God’s love is generous, kind, and always takes the first step to initiate friendship…. This is what the ‘van’ is all about.

It will also be used to bring people to “I Am Second” on Thursday evening at 5pm at Jericho Road. A full hot meal is served and afterwards there is often a short video and discussion. Many people have come and gone over the past seven years, some have turned their lives around, some have not, and some still come anyway. This is one of the hardest and most challenging areas of ministry but we are committed to continuing even if only one or two find hope and a better future. We’ve seen more than one life transformed over the years.

The van will also be used to transport youth to weekly gatherings and some larger conference events throughout the year. Often parents are not able or willing to bring youth who want to connect and be a part of the group.

On Sundays the van will be offered to pick up any who need help attending JR church service at 10 am.

We’re actually trusting that the van will be a bus costing around $35,000. Maybe you’d like to help and together we can make a difference. Thank you.


NeighbourLink Read & Feed Program

Jericho Road is pleased to support the Read and Feed Program, which currently serves children in 4 of the local elementary schools. With the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, the Read and Feed program provides the students with a simple, yet nourishing, breakfast as well as opportunities to grow their reading skills. Each morning, our volunteers are given the opportunity to pray for the teachers, students as well as their families. Volunteers also read to the students as they enjoy their breakfast.

Young Life

We are pleased to offer space for Young Life Port Alberni to host their club nights for Middle School and High School students.

Nanaimo – Dave and Megan De Jong

In 2016 Dave and Megan left JR Port Alberni (after over 20 yrs) and responded to a call to plant a Community in Nanaimo.

Find more information at these links: http://www.jerichoroadnanaimo.com/




Jericho Road Youth Project – Mbarara, Uganda

The Jericho Road Youth Project is based in the poorest section of Mbarara, Uganda. It provides a first step up for young boys who for one reason or another have resorted to living on the streets of Kampala or Mbarara as their only hope.

The Jericho Road Youth Project emerged from the vision and passion of Pat Kokura, a retired teacher from Port Alberni and a member of our Jericho Road Port Alberni community.


Faith India Ministry

In November/December 2013 John Cox and Jim Roik visited an orphanage run by Faith India Ministries based in the village of Kotipalii, Andrea Pradesh Province, South India. Please see link to find out more: www.faithindiaministries.org


An archived description of the visit can be found at
John’s Blog: www.googleforgod.wordpress.com