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Every Sunday at 10 a.m

Jericho Road

Jericho Road is a Christian community on a journey with God. We celebrate our relationship with Him through friendship,

serving, weekly worship, and learning how to follow Jesus as a lifestyle – together – in Port Alberni and Nanaimo.

Everyone is welcome on the Jericho Road, as long as you’re not perfect. 🙂


If you have any questions or need more information, please browse the website (currently being developed) or call the office and

speak to Aimee: 250-723-2328

Our mission has three strands at its core

Becoming family…. We recognize that many people have had negative experiences with Church or even perceptions about

Christianity. Therefore we want to provide a welcoming and safe environment where they belong before they necessarily know

what they believe. We encourage questions and there is no pressure or conditions attached to entering our community.


Encountering God…. Similarly the person of God can be confusing at first depending on our history. We believe God is good and

kind, not at all shocked or disillusioned by who we are (or are not) and that he loves all of us unconditionally and profoundly.

No-one enjoys sitting in the bleachers observing an empty field, arena, or stadium. They come for a game, an encounter, an

experience. Unfortunately many of us have not encountered very much at ‘church’ and understandably have given up, or left

disillusioned. We believe that God wants to be encountered by us more than we want to encounter Him. If we provide

opportunity and space He will meet us. So we are intentional about raising the expectation that the reality of God will be known

and experienced…. and it will be more positive and life-giving than we ever imagined.


Impacting the world… If our experience of Christian community (church) is positive, and our encounter with God is real and

affirming, then we won’t be able to keep it to ourselves. We want to share God’s love with others by serving etc……. One of the

great advantages of belonging to a local Church is that we are enabled to more together for others than is often possible alone.



Join us Sunday.

You are very welcome to join us at Jericho Road in Port Alberni every Sunday at 10:00 AM for a contemporary worship service including activities for children.

Of course our community life has many facets so please click on the button below to find out more.

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Comment Aug 29, 2017

I've attended JR Church twice and both times felt warmly welcomed and inspired. I particularly appreciated last Sunday's (Aug. 27) sermon by Sam. Her words, "Ask God to show you your heart" and "Ask God to show you His heart for His people" were transformational for...

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Impossible Things

Impossible Things

Impossible Things!! To change is to live and to adapt is to thrive. It's not always easy. Here are some thoughts on change through generations and trusting God for what we can never know. And then a bonus feature about 5 ways to help another, or be helped... and...

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Church – Why God?

Church – Why God?

If there's one contentious issue among those who 'believe in Jesus' it's the role of the Church. In our communities there are many who have 'given up on the Church' but still believe in God. "I can believe in God and not go to Church' is a popular refrain. I was...

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